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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

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Interesting, and a surprising choice. I'd think they'd play it safe with some Tom Baker initially. It's what they used to play when they had classic Who back in the day.
True! PBS stations which were running the Doctor back in the 80s would only go as far back as Pertwee.
Not true! I saw some Hartnells on West Virginia Public Television in the late 80s.
Yeah, I still have my VHS tapes of Unearthly Child, The Dominators, The War Games and a few others that I taped off of the New Jersey Network during the 80's.

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I'm taping it, but when I looked in on it, it looked like a talking heads documentary was constantly intercutting the episode. If that's true, that sounds annoying, like it would totally destroy being "into" the episode...
No, they ran a documentary encapsulating the Hartnell era then The Aztecs. The episode is interrupted only by commercials.

They are showing it without the cliffhanger episode endings though.
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