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I don't know if what I have is the flu, but last Tuesday morning I woke up, got out of bed, and promptly fell over. So I called in sick - this is the first time, except for one bout of food poisoning, that I've taken a day off sick in over 15 years.

The week went somethng like this:

9:06AM: called in sick. Didn't actually get out of bed all day.
2:15PM: my manager called to ask when I thought I'd be coming back in.

8:56AM: called in sick. Got out of bed maybe three or four times, for less than an hour in total.
2:40PM: my manager called to ask when I thought I'd be coming back in.

Thursday: woke up, felt a little better, decided to try to go to work. Got halfway there before I decided this was a really bad idea, got off the bus, and went across the street to catch the bus going back the other way.
9:36AM: called in sick. Spent the next 8 hours or so in bed.
12:49PM: missed a call from my manager, because I was asleep.
2:28PM: my manager called to ask when I thought I'd be coming back in, and to tell me that he had a phone meeting coming up at 3 with the client, and to ask me what he should tell them about our progress on the current project.

Friday: decided that I'd better go to work, because everything was clearly in chaos without me. (BTW, I'm not management - I'm the senior developer on the Web team.)
9:05AM: missed a call from my manager, because I was in the shower.
9:26AM: my manager called while I was on the bus, to ask if I was coming in.
I ended up staying at work until about 9:15PM - normally, on Fridays, I leave right at 5 because I bowl in a league and it takes me two hours to get there, and it starts at 7. But since standing without falling over was a challenge, I figured there would be no way I could bowl.

Saturday (!!!):
3:27PM: missed a call from my manager. I was awake, and probably on my way to Starbucks for coffee and didn't hear the phone over the sound of traffic.
10:55PM: noticed that I'd missed the above call, from a number I didn't recognize, so I called back - it was my manager, wanting to know if I was available to work on Sunday. (I told him no, because even if I weren't sick, I already had a commitment today to go to a convention committee meeting.)

Imagine the treatment I'd be getting if I hadn't been sick.

I'm still not feeling great. I've had two bowls of soup, some pasta and some ice cream today, but I've been feeling pretty dizzy ever since I got up. As I mentioned above, I was supposed to go to a meeting today, but decided not to bother trying to do that, either, and have been in front of the computer all day.

Summary: I'm sick with something, I don't know what, and my manager is doing his best to make sure that I don't have an opportunity to get better. In fact, he seems hell-bent on making sure that I give whatever I have to everyone else in the company.
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