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Re: Does It Get Better???

Okay, there'll be two episode reviews instead of one, actually.

Critical Care: A serious episode with intriguing ethical dilemmas. Not sure if I'd have gone as far as the Doctor went, but it can be argued that the ends justified the means. Memorable guest characters too, especially Chellick.

Inside Man: Another spectacular TNG crossover. So much to enjoy about this one; seeing the Ferengi again, another Barclay and Troi team up, the great sense of continuity...some of the scenes with the hologram Barclay were unnecessary, so I take one point off for that. Otherwise I thought this was a terrific episode! The final stretch of the show has been great so far!

Really excited for this season, but also sad that it's coming to an end soon. It may have taken a long time for Voyager to hit its stride, but I really like the direction it's taken in the last two seasons!
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