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Re: Post-"Yesterday's Enterprise" events and entanglements

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I read "The Fourth Toast" from SNW3 as well as the relevant sections of "Vulcan's Heart".

"Fourth Toast" was a decent enough short story, though I found it difficult to swallow that Castillo and Parker's escape pod made it past the Romulans, who would not have found it in their interests to allow survivors to get away.

I saw no mention in VH of the final outcome for the survivors beyond Tasha's arrangement with Volskiar so that seems to leave their fates unknown; furthermore, Yar's death (or "death", if you subscribe to the theory that her usefulness to interrogators outweighed her usefulness to Volskiar in raising Sela...) certainly alters the deal. But since Yar clearly never found an opportunity to get word to the Federation about them, from the Federation's point-of-view all hands went down with the C at Narendra 3.
It's worth noting that Picard thought that the idea of Enterprise-C survivors was mere rumours. If there had been survivors who returned from Romulus, then this wouldn't have been the case.
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