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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

Episode 11: Reunion and Revolution

Sidewinder suddenly cursed as the elevator started to descend. Apollo turned to him and stared, but the pilot thumbed his radio. “Flight, Sidewinder. I need to speak with Scorpia Actual immediately.”

“Hold one, Sidewinder,” the wireless replied.

“What’s wrong,” whispered Lee.

“I almost forgot—Athena is a Cylon. It would be good to tell them before we crack the hatch, Apollo. I hate to do it, but she is going to have to surrender her sidearm.”

Lee nodded and he unbuckled his straps. “I’ll handle it,” he said as he moved back.

“Sidewinder, Scorpia Actual,” the wireless in the helmet crackled. “You can’t wait thirty seconds?”

“Sir. We have a Cylon on board—a trusted Cylon," he added very quickly, "who defected to the Galactica’s Fleet and has assisted Admiral Adama. She is the reason we were able to make contact with you—I have a full report prepared for you, but this is something you need to know. Admiral Adama,” he stressed that word again, “would be very upset if she were shot, for example, on the hanger deck.”

Silence hung in the air as the elevator slid into its well and locked into place on the hanger deck. “Are you sure, Sidewinder?”

“Positive, Sir. I will vouch for her.”

“Very well, I am informing the Marines—I’ll signal you when it is okay to open the hatch.”

Sidewinder turned his head. “Keep it buttoned for now, Kaboose!” he yelled as he pulled off his helmet and gloves, placing the later inside the former, and then unstrapped from the pilots seat and worked his back to the troop bay.

Lee already had Sharon’s gun in his own helmet—and she was smiling. “Pay up,” she told Kaboose.

“Man,” the ECO whined as he handed over a fistful of cubits. “I didn’t figure you’d take her weapon, Sidewinder.”
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