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Re: Abrams: Star Wars AND Star Trek

I didn't encounter a "she" with any connection or interest in sf until I was in college. She was gorgeous, really friendly - and dating the aforementioned too-cool film guy in the SF Society.

Yeah, I read novelizations of movies before Star Wars (never actually read that one); what I remember was that it was breaking sales records for a paperback at the time - knocked Passages off the number one spot on the racks for the first time in about a hundred years.

Unless I'm mistaken, the Star Wars novelization was actually published by Ballantine a year or so before the movie opened - with a cover composed of several of Ralph McQuarrie's early character drawings of R2-D2, etc. Of course the sales didn't take off until the summer of 1977.


I looked around and here's the cover for the original publication of the novelization in 1976:

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