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Re: Question about Dremels

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If you just want a good, solid rotary tool and don't care what brand, I've heard really good things about Proxxon for hand-held rotary tools, and Foredom Electric for larger, bench-mounted applications. The Proxxon especially are competitive with Dremel on price and I believe the bits are cross-compatible; they're also better for drilling and boring, tasks where Dremel falls a bit flat. I haven't used them myself, but I know a lot of pros do and they're supposedly great.
I have all three of these brands. Proxxon is not normally compatible with Dremel, because Dremel is SAE while Proxxon is metric (1/8" does not equal 3mm... you will spin your collet if your are miss-matching the bits; make sure your collet matches your shank). I have a Foredom that's pretty heavy duty and is fantastic for power carving wood, but is enormous overkill for plastic.

For what you're doing that Dremel you linked to on Amazon is all you'll ever need and then some. And you won't need the holder contraption. That's really for if you are gonna do more precision milling type stuff and/or drill press type stuff... but for what you're doing, you'll want to hold the handpiece anyway... this tool mount jobbie will just get in your way.

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