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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

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Holy crap!!! I mean, you gave us hints that Sandhurst was exhibiting lingering after effects of his time with the Amon, but I had no inkling that he was actively pursuing such a ... "perverse" course. The life essence is clearly akin to a highly addictive drug - only several orders of magnitude more powerful - the need for which is driving Sandhurst to extremes he would otherwise never even consider. Still, I can't help wonder whether he's fully conscious of what he's done (assuming, of course, that it is him who has done these things). We've already seen that he created the new engine design in a mental state in which he was not fully in control of his faculties, and he seemed to be surprised that Europa didn't find the Amon cube in the gas giant's rings. Perhaps there's something on a more subconscious level going on here .... Regardless, you've given us quite a lot to chew on here. Looking forward to the next installment, even more than usual.
Therein lies the big question... and Pava's conundrum.

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Mutiny? On a Starfleet ship? Unheard of. Unless of course you count all the other times it has happened.

We've all known something's up with Sandhurst ever since he came back from the Amon. He's a changed man, for sure. But is he, consciously or subconsciously, under their control? The evidence appears to be in but I'm not yet ready to join the lynch mob.

I'm curious as hell to find out what happens next though.
I don't think anyone's mentioned 'mutiny'... at least, not yet.

Thank all of your for commenting!
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