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Re: TNG Caption This! 302: I look forward to our next caption, Captain

RIKER: I just discovered this odd program being transmitted to the Klingon homeworld.
PICARD: Can you tell what it is number one?
RIKER: I don't know, but it's broadcasting constantly and seems to be called 'HumanTube'.
WORF: (Damn it, my stream of human bloopers was almost up to ten million likes.)

PICARD: If I started wearing a toupee, would anyone notice? Nah...I'm being paranoid.

DATA: Is that Wesley out there?
RIKER: Wesley, where? I don't see anything.
GEORDI: I agree, there's nobody out there.
DATA: No, Wesley is right there! If we transport him back aboard right away we still might be able to...
RIKER: I said, I don't see anything. Do you understand, Data?
DATA: Yes sir. I do not see anything either.

DATA: Curious.
JAROK: What are you staring at?
DATA: You are the first Romulan I've met who isn't a complete dick.

PICARD: Tomalok, will you please stop trying to be glibly witty and get to the damn point?
TOMALOK: What's the fun of interplanetary diplomacy without the repartee?
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