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Re: This Year's Model: ALBUM COVERS!

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^ What would the owner of the photo think of that?
They'd be overjoyed that someone helps them spread their work

...after all, what the rest of us do is stealing their work and what I'm asking you to do is to put credit where it's due

She has done it again!
Ninoska Pérez, of Sesame Street fame, has created an album to transfix all you electro-fans out there: this time more playfully angry and, however uncombineable it may sound: etherical than her début, "Pushing Papers". Ninos is right up there with unicorns and trash-cans like never before.

  1. Precharted Legislatrix
  2. Recompensatory Endocrinopath
  3. Semidirect Crossheading
  4. Isopetalous Erodability
  5. Preeruptive Krakatau
  6. Subautomatic Casaque
  7. Acrificial Magnetogenerator
  8. Nonlacteal Hyacinthin
  9. Unnitrogenized Nontolerableness


Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.

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