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Re: Twilight actress Cheating Scandal: Together again!

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And yes I am also convinced of the fakiness of a lot of celebrity "relationships". I mean, isn't it a bit suspicious that whenever we hear of one, it's always BOTH parties who are famous? You never hear of one in which there's one famous partner but they date a plumber or librarian or whatever.
Well, that's sort of a chicken-and-egg situation. Naturally, relationships that involve two celebrities get more press than the ones where a celebrity is involved with somebody who is not in the public eye. Such relationships exist; they just don't tend to make the cover of US Weekly.

(Quick! When the last time you saw Anthony Hopkins' wife on a magazine cover? Or Julia Robert's husband? Or Christian Bale's wife?)

You only hear about the high-profile celebrity hookups because those are the only ones that are newsworthy.
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