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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

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Well, when there's a specific reference to a unified world, I think they mean a unified world rather than one that isn't.
Yes, but not a specific reference to a (your words) "Having a unified planetary government." Having the people of a planet recognize that they are of one people and not many, would unify them in a international community (I think the internet is helping this process). This would not require a single planetary government.

All Humans are Human Beings, this simple fact hardly call for the creation of a monolithic political state.

One does not require the other.

FTL drive ... would already be a fait accompli for those seeking Federation membership.
This isn't the first time this matter has appeared on this board. The position has been raise that a potential member would not only have to have a warp drive, but that they would have had to of invented it themselves. Centuries before, the Trill couldn't have simply bought their warp drive engines from the Betazed.

I mean, all a warp drive engine is, is a propulsion device. Why would inventing it be a part of the yardstick. Wouldn't the society and overall culture of a species be a far more important consideration?

If you see what I mean?

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