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Re: Easy Episode Rating Thread: TNG S1


Ranked by 5 star system

Pretty much anything rated 3.5 stars or above I wouldn't be ashamed to have others see (Oh that's Star Trek), 4.0 is or higher are usually the episodes I would openly recommend to someone.

5.0 Stars - None (Excellent)
4.5 Stars - None (great)

4.0 Stars (Very Good)

3.5 (Really Good)
The Big Goodbye

3.0 (Fair)
Where No One Has Gone Before
Heart of Glory

2.5 (average)
The Arsenal of Freedom

2.0 (Poor) and not in order
Encounter at Farpoint
The Last Outpost
The Battle
Too Short a Season
When the Bough Breaks
Coming of Age
The Neutral Zone

1.5 Stars (bad)
The Naked Now
Lonely Among Us
Angel One
Skin of Evil
We'll Always Have Paris
Hide & Q

1.0 Stars (Awful)
Code of Honor

.5 Stars (none) (Terrible)

Zero Stars (none) (Garbage, having no value)

My second Favorite Star Trek series, yet the worst 1st season of any Trek. Oh well, things do get better.
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