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Re: 2nd Asteroid prospecting company to start prospecting in 2015

There's a reason companies can do more, more quickly, with greater price stated in the article, DSI knows a lot of this stuff wasn't even possible a few years ago.

Luanched material unable to be produced in space plus contruction materials equals eventual habitats, machines, and even robots. Its not on the agenda right away, but its all obvious where it leads to, soujourner is just too narrow visioned to see it as usual.

Even if DSI doesn't get off the ground, its a good sign multiple companies are interested. There's finally some recognition of what I've been saying for years about resources in space. There's no materials shortage in the solar system, there's no resources shortage, no energy shortage..ever, and no water shortages either for that matter. There's no economic limit for the forseeable future. That's all knee jerk fantasy.

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