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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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No, you think change is coming.
Change is already upon us. That was a big announcement.

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If nuTrek wasn't your thing, then at this point it's just gloating on your part to those of us that do enjoy it, that JJ is working on something else as well.
I do like nu-Trek. I think the last film was better than most other Trek movies. It was much better than Nemesis. I am looking forward to part 2.

If my line of analysis, however, is upsetting to you, I'll leave off. Fair enough?

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And if you really don't care about what happens with the third film, why do keep reiterating what you think is going to happen to it?
I care more about characterizing general conditions more than the particulars of the next film. It's too soon to really worry about the quality of the next film, but we can certainly note that it appears that the positioning of creative talent in the franchise is on the move. I can be interested in one (more proximate concern) than another (more distant concern).
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