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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

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I'm kind of glad to see BBCA trying to at least show some of the history of Dr Who - athough it would be nice if some of the "classic" stories would also tie into some of the stuff they're doing with the current "Series" - like maybe show the episode with the Great Intelligence...
Not possible. The two Yeti/Great Intelligence serials are almost completely lost; "The Abominable Snowmen" and "The Web of Fear" were both 6 episodes long and each has only one surviving episode (episode 2 of the former and episode 1 of the latter).

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Just checked my channel guide on my cablebox - gonna be like a three hour thing - so that should be interesting.
Which is interesting, since "The Aztecs" is only 100 minutes long, which, given modern ratios of content to commercial time, would take up maybe two and a quarter hours. I gather that the serial will be preceded with a documentary overview of the Hartnell era.
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