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Re: If Not Wonder Woman...Then Who?

Anne's Catwoman, didn't make sense and faded into the background of an awful and disjoint movie.

I had forgotten that Batman Rises had happened.

Bandaid on a bullet hole.

She was going to be like his nurse?

10 years of Batman had turned Christian Bale in Mr Burns.

All he could do with that beautiful woman is ask her to rub ointment on the sore places.


Manhunter was cancelled in 2008 Christopher. It was a good book with dangerously sexy covers but couldn't find an audience. Although if you want to talk about baggage... She's wearing a Darkstar (space cop rival to the green lanterns) uniform which is broken or she can't turn on to give her some Supermanlike powers, Jeanpaul Valleys' psycho Batman Gloves, and a boom stick (battlestave) that used to belong to a former lad named Manhunter...

The covers are like porn made specifically for Deadpool.
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