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STAR TREK: Phase II - the Lost Series... exists!!

Just thought I'd start a new appreciation thread for this wonderful continuation of ths fantastic series.

I bl**dy love this show. Always have done!

Each episode has been produced to a staggeringly professional standard, going from strength to strength and using ideas from unmade episodes of The Original Series (The Protracted man - to be released), PHASE II and even The Next Generation!! (reverted to the original crew of course!!)

I think what I feel about this show is it is closing a gaping wound Star Trek's had for many years. Cawley has got hold of many unused costumes from the Phase II project and used them on screen, and as even cast the 'lost' Spock replacement, Xon.

They're changing the logo to look like the red one from the Starfleet Technical Manual, but blue. It feels so 1970s. Cawley has confirmed on his Facebook both Kitumba (the most reknowned PHASE II story, submitted as a 2parter in the 1970s) and Bread and Savagery are aimed for release by the end of June.

i look forward still, nearly a decade on from the pilot, to wherever they go next on their journey to the 'movie era'...
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