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Re: Clever step of CBS to release ST ENT on BD now?

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Hi everybody,

Am I interested in ENT? Not at all.

Will I buy the ENT BDs? Sure! Because I want to show my support for DS9 and VOY and want them to be released on BD as well.

Hey dude, don't do that. Buy what you like to watch. Take it from an old time Trekkie, they're gonna release DS9 and VOY anyway because IT IS STAR TREK. And anything Star Trek eventually gets released, and re-released and re-re-released.

They want the money. They know were out here willing to buy. They're just waiting for when they think fandom is strongest for those shows before releasing the BDs.

Until then enjoy your DS9 and VOY on videotape or however you watch them. Don't become a slave to Paramount.
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