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Re: German Covers for Typhon Pact

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Have you read the book in question or is it on your over flowing to read pile?
What is your problem with me?
Now what makes you think I would tell you in an open forum?

You, yourself, said earlier, "Because the first chapter focuses on a battle towards the end of the Borg incursion that involved Sisko and Vaughn."

Do I have to have to have read the entire book just to agree that there is a Borg-related sequence in the book, and to remind others that Borg books/covers typically sell well?
One, yes I wrote that, I know I wrote that because, well I wrote it, I wrote it because the question of why the Borg feature on the front of a story set quite a bit of time after Destiny and after they got assimilated themselves and left for pastures new and because I've read the book in question, I felt I could answer the question.

Two, are you now privy to how well books are selling? When ever this question comes up, individuals, including yourself have said this information is highly classified and not for public consumption.

So tell me Ian, are you now privy to such information and also, why don't Full Circle, Unworthy and half the other books based after Destiny have Borg front and centre on their covers? Hell, why didn't Destiny, the Ultimate Borg Story didn't have the Borg on their front cover? Now I might be wrong, but in all of Trek Publishing, a grand total of two stories have had the Borg on their cover, Vendetta which was published some twenty years ago and Before Dishonour five-and-a-half years ago and the latter just had the side of a Borg Cube.

Three, this kinda leads back to the point I made in one, the question was asked why the Borg appeared on the cover, your answer didn't actually answer that, if you have read the book in question, hell, even the first chapter you would have known, but you didn't and your answer was at best misleading and at worst, completely and utterly wrong.

But I digress. The covers look cool, a lot better than than the ones Pocket released for the English speaking market.
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