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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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Being a creative all my life, I have always believed in giving new talent a's only fair.
New talent will always emerge, but you really want Hollywood to nuture a series of one-hit wonders?

if I was Paramount and I found out what JJ was pulling, he'd be fired plain and simple. Working on these two movies is a conflict of interest and I, as a producer, would feel betrayed. It's about ethics. I'd even do it to Spielberg if did this to me.
I seem to recall fan speculation that Whoopi Goldberg signing a huge contract with Disney would preclude her participation in TNG's Season 5. I sent her a fan letter and she replied with an autographed photo, "See you next season."

I'm glad I don't work for you. How is "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" a "conflict of interest"? They are quite different takes on the science fantasy genre and serve different demographics with only some crossover.
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