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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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I know! How dare I use metaphors and examples.
Well conceived metaphors and analogies are always welcome.
It's like I have a life and a knowledge base that exists outside of Star Trek or something.
Good for you.

Are you? Do you have anything substantive to say? Or are you going to keep complaining about the form of the argument since it appears you cannot engage with the actual matter of the argument?
I engage plenty, and I attribute as much matter and substance as the argument necessitates, which is to say none.

My argument does not stand on any metaphor, rather a metaphor serves to elucidate a relationship by comparison. It makes what should be obvious to others more perspicuous.
Your argument doesn't stand on anything. That's the whole problem. You've made an ostentatious show of crying over the spilt milk. You can blame the cat, the wind, or Sid the wily dairy gnome. In the end you have to clean up and move on. The rest of us did that on Friday. Yet you continue to play the victim where there was no crime. Now the shit has curdled on the floor.

Move on, dude and find something better to occupy your time. At the very least, you can always hang with Tebow by the punchbowl and watch Sanchez do the tango with his career.
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