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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

I'm kind of glad to see BBCA trying to at least show some of the history of Dr Who - athough it would be nice if some of the "classic" stories would also tie into some of the stuff they're doing with the current "Series" - like maybe show the episode with the Great Intelligence, or something with the early Daleks and Cybermen - stuff that would show newer fans of the show that these did have roots as far back as the 60s. I mean I only really got into Dr. Who shortly after Thanksgiving of this past year and now I'm already a big fan after watching all of 9th, 10th and a good part of 11's run so far - I'm kind of spacing myself out with 11 since it'll be a while before any "new" Dr. Who shows up and I don't want to feel like "aww... that's it?" since I don't want to get too much "classic" Who in just yet - since I know after this next Series ends, who knows how long it'll be before there's anything else and I want something to watch after that LOL
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