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Re: Clever step of CBS to release ST ENT on BD now?

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Honestly, I doubt DS9 or Voyager will ever be reelased on blu-ray. Since they were shot on video, transferring to blu-ray will require the same extensive work being done to TNG. And really, neither show was popular enough to warrant that.
DS9 did better than Voyager and was one of the top rated series of the 90s.
DS9 did better than Voyager, yes, but it didn't really do that well in the ratings. It only had a fraction of the viewers TNG had.
I think 7% was mentioned somewhere, with TNG having 11%. But come on, TNG had basically no competitors; DS9 had TNG and VOY themselves, as well as B5, Xena, Hercules, X-Files etc.
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