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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

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Also a non-caste based system would seem to be required, as having a caste based sytem would have excluded Bajor from entry.
Sisko said (iirc) that there can't be caste based discrimination. Not that there couldn't be castes.

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[Picard] "Every member of the Federation entered as a unified world ..."
Unified world doesn't automatically mean a one world government. It could refer to a species seeing themselves as a people, a social realization.

Public awareness and acceptance of other starfaring societies
Being able to intellectually conceptualize that other species exist would be important.

I don't believe that having a indigenously created warp drive would be a factor (it would force the issue on first contact), a civilization that was culturally and socially mature in the eyes of the Federation Membership, but lacked a indigenous warp drive, might still be asked to join, they could alway simply buy a engine from someone.

The requirements would include a desire to join the Federation, that being a part of the Federation would bring benefit that simply having a relationship with it wouldn't provide.

It's easy to support someones beliefs if they are identical to your own.
Tolerating beliefs that you don't personal embrace, or even fully understand, is harder.
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