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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

MacLeod wrote: View Post
Also a non-caste based system would seem to be required, as having a caste based sytem would have excluded Bajor from entry.
Sisko said (iirc) that there can't be caste based discrimination. Not that there couldn't be castes.

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
[Picard] "Every member of the Federation entered as a unified world ..."
Unified world doesn't automatically mean a one world government. It could refer to a species seeing themselves as a people, a social realization.

Public awareness and acceptance of other starfaring societies
Being able to intellectually conceptualize that other species exist would be important.

I don't believe that having a indigenously created warp drive would be a factor (it would force the issue on first contact), a civilization that was culturally and socially mature in the eyes of the Federation Membership, but lacked a indigenous warp drive, might still be asked to join, they could alway simply buy a engine from someone.

The requirements would include a desire to join the Federation, that being a part of the Federation would bring benefit that simply having a relationship with it wouldn't provide.

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