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Re: Going Veggie

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Last night we had tacos. Now, I've made tacos hundreds of times. The difference this time, however, was that I used soy crumbles instead of ground beef, and while there was a slight taste variation, no one really seemed to notice enough to comment on it. In fact, everyone seemed to enjoy them, including myself.

I'm going to use them in fixing hamburger helper later this week. We'll see if they notice a difference there. If they don't, or if they don't mind, then I have found a way to enjoy a good supper with my meat loving family instead of always having separate meals. That's less expensive in the long run!
So do they know that it is "soy crumbles", whatever they are? Or did they think they were eating ground beef?
My mom knew, and she liked it. We've been trying to find ways to get my dad to eat healthier. He's big on snack cakes, fruit pies, bologna sandwiches, chips, pop, movie theater style buttered popcorn for his lunch, and for dinner he likes heavy foods, like fried pork chops, mashed potatoes with beef gravy, buttered corn on the cob, and green beans cooked up with lard. He's from Kentucky, and that's the kind of food he grew up on, and while he says he wants to eat healthier, he hasn't actually made the change to do so over the past couple of years.

In fact, this is what he gets for lunch every day (more or less):

3 cans of diet cola (I successfully made him switch to diet about 3 years ago)
3 ham and cheese sandwiches on wheat (I also successfully made him switch to whole wheat. He much prefers white bread).
1 personal size bag of potato chips
2 Snack cakes (usually oatmeal creme pies or swiss rolls)
1 Banana

That's 5 days a week for a 12 hour day. If it's an 8 hour day, remove one sandwich and one cola.

It's also rather annoying because he is in good health for his age (he's 53). Don't get me wrong, I love my dad and don't want him getting sick, but he has eaten this kind of food for 50+ years and he has nothing bad to show for it. All of his tests have come back in the clear (he's a bit of a hypochondriac). If I were to eat this food every day of my life, I'd likely be dead!

Still, it's catching up with him. Mom, on the other hand, eats what I recommend, though sometimes she can be picky, which I understand. When I cook, I only use lean meat, and low sodium veggies (I buy canned), and when I can, I prefer buying fresh veggies, which I have been doing much more as of late.

I now grill pork chops instead of fry them, and I use a bit of olive oil, and a smattering of instant coffee grounds (decaf) to give that fried "look", and they never know the difference.

As I said, mom's used to it now, and she likes what I cook. Dad's a little tougher to budge. Me? I'm happy with some beans, lettuce, a couple slices of tomato, some cucumber, and a few shakes of the garlic seasoning (no salt).

Still, when I do the meatless dinners, it really is nice to eat the same meals with the family.
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