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Re: Billingsley: Enterprise Gray Areas

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I am not a religous person myself , but to think that religion will be gone by the time of "Enterprise" is not very realistic, in my opinion. The population on this world will continue to grow, and although some people will turn their back on religion (as trends suggest), it is impossible to believe that everyone will in the span of 200 years.
No one said anything about religion being gone. Gaith was talking about cultural influences of religious groups and organizations such as the Catholic Church.

These trends are already here, now add to that the whole first contact thingy... Imagine what would happen if Vulcans (an advanced, non-deist society) came and offered their guidance. And in Trek canon, that guidance was welcomed. OK, not in MU, but that's different.
I think groups like the Catholic Church will still be around in 200 years. Although the Catholic Church has been historically slow to change, it has made changes over time. I'm sure it will continue to adapt over time, in order to survive.
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