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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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From punchbowls to Tebow?
I know! How dare I use metaphors and examples. It's like I have a life and a knowledge base that exists outside of Star Trek or something.

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Are you for real?
Are you? Do you have anything substantive to say? Or are you going to keep complaining about the form of the argument since it appears you cannot engage with the actual matter of the argument?


Tom Served wrote:
And I could do with Bob Orci's quote the exact same thing you did to the other quote.
Then do so. Let's not talk about what you could do. Do it.

Tom Served wrote:
The simple fact is, we don't know whats going to happen with the third film.
To a certainty? No. Can we project what is likely? Yes.

Tom Served wrote:
Paramount doesn't know. Bob Orci doesn't know.
And this in itself would seem to cut against the grain against of that desperate optimism that everything is normal or better than ever.

Tom Served wrote:
All that IS known is that JJ is under contract with Paramount for a third film in some capacity Period.
"In some capacity" - which really shows how tenuously he is now linked with the film.

Tom Served wrote:
I would say most likely that JJ won't direct it,
There you go! We can say things after all! We have exceeded the "Period!" you so adamantly announced in the prior sentence. And I happen to agree with this prediction.

Tom Served wrote:
and that one of his directorial buddies like Matt Reeves will probably do it, while Abrams produces. Your continued insistence that it's all over and that Bad Robot and JJ are through with Trek,
When did I say this? Exactly? Hmm? I said that JJ will now be substantively focused on Star Wars. Your prediction coincided with my own. Why are we arguing?

Tom Served wrote:
just because you think they are, and so it'll fit your random high school dance analogy, is tiresome.
My argument does not stand on any metaphor, rather a metaphor serves to elucidate a relationship by comparison. It makes what should be obvious to others more perspicuous.

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