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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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Well, well, someone who is actually in the know
You mean someone like the Paramount Vice Chairman?

According to Paramount Vice Chairman Rob Moore, Abrams — who directed both 2009′s “Star Trek” and the upcoming sequel “Star Trek Into Darkness” — will still be involved in some capacity with a possible third “Trek” movie, at the minimum as a producer, if not also directing the film.
Moore also pointed out that Abrams will continue to play a role in another of the studio’s most valuable franchises, “Mission: Impossible.”
Wow, he will be involved "in some capacity" with a "possible" third film as a "producer" (executive, associate, producer in name only?). That statement says very little, really.

I'll take the reluctant testimony of a creative insider than the boiler-plate assurance of a studio suit in damage control mode.
You really like spinning everything just to fit your argument, don't you?
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