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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

Hey if they can recast Rhodey without anyone going "Didn't you look and sound differently a little while ago?" they can recast Emma Frost. Personally while Alice Eve is many a fanboy's wet dream girl - I'm kind of leaning toward maybe someone a tad older to have the same "experienced" gravitas that the Emma we know and love in the comics has and yet is actually New England - not English. I know some of the cartoons have cast her with an English accent - but really she's a New Englander - think about it, her school was called the Massachusetts Academy after all. She just affects a sort of haughty New England accent, like Kelsey Grammar.

Honestly I think Elizabeth Banks would be an awesome Emma Frost, she's got some bustiness, but a corset will ramp that up, plus she's already a former Marvel actress too - Betty Brant from the Raimi Spider-Man films. So clearly she must at least have some affection for the Marvel-verse - and she can stay a blonde! So what if she's almost 40 - she still looks great.
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