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Re: Dilithium Crystals and Nuclear Fusion - A Star Trek Reunion Story?

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P.S. " And then add on each fan's personal vision of how things work and you've got a recipe for herding cats"
But then on-screen information is "canon" making "personal vision" rather irrelevant (i.e. if you believe canon comes first, something I insist upon).
Actually, you're proof that it's herding cats. We both see the same on-screen information but we come to different conclusions

As to "Mudd's Women", the way I see it is that the bypass circuits are part of the converter assembly.

In both cases Scotty was asked to rig a bypass and Scotty explained it to the level of the person who requested it.
1. Scotty didn't have to explain it beyond the converter assembly to Spock since they're on the same level of technical expertise.
2. But Kirk isn't and Scotty explained it for him. It could have easily went like this:

KIRK: Well, switch to bypass circuits.
SCOTT: Can't. We blew the whole converter assembly.
SCOTT: The bypass circuits are part of the WHOLE converter assembly and we burned out the whole converter assembly when we superheated...
KIRK: Ohhh....

Another one is "The Wrath Of Khan". The energizer this time was somewhat successfully bypassed (I guess Khan wasn't able to destroy the entire converter assembly ) and the Enterprise is operating on partial main power and no auxiliary power. The crystals are off to the side on top of the energizer that happens to be bypassed and therefore not part of the matter-antimatter chain at all.
KIRK: What is working around here?
SPOCK: Not much, Admiral. We have partial main power.
KIRK: That's it?
SPOCK: Best we could do in two hours.
SULU: Admiral on the bridge.
KIRK: Battle stations. ...Tactical. ...Uh oh.
SPOCK: She can out-run us and out-gun us. But there is the Mutara Nebula at one five three mark four.
KIRK: Scotty, can we make it inside?
SCOTT: The energiser's bypassed like a Christmas tree, don't give me too many bumps.
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