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green?? Oh, I see! You have copper pipes. Pretty dangerous stuff - the green is Copper Oxide which can turn into Copper Sulfate. The latter is poisonous.

Poor Ghostie!!! Do you have a water cooker? That'd give at least enough hot water for washing, though not for showering.
It's quite a scandal imo that they didn't repair ist earlier. The noises might possibly come from air bubbles still caught in the tubes. They should gradually come out within a few days.

Fortunately, my heating revived again in the late afternoon. Not full strength and only on one side of the house but it's better than nothing (at least it's the right half: the one with my bedroom ). I have a suspicion that it's an emergency system that doesn't have the full strength.
Fortunately, the appartments on the top of the block and the mall at the lower 2 floors are both sevred by teh same heating system, so that I am reasonably confident the repair will go fast. Nobody shops in a cold mall so that every delay costs them a lot of profit.
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