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Re: Remove One Letter

^Indeed, that last one catches the reader somewhat off guard
Without a Race - Slow-paced American police procedural drama series.

Silent Itness - Long running Tibetan crime thriller series focusing on a team of forensic experts and their meditations on various crimes.

Plane of the Apes - Exploitation action flick - not to be confused with Shakes on a Plane, the documentary about the jet-set life of the renowned stripper, 'Bouncy' Betty Brown.

Lice in Wonderland - Cribbly-crawly 3D & RealLifeExperience™ fun for the whole family. Includes free samples. - Dogs welcome.

More - Eight Season Box Set of an English detective ordering beer at pubs and going to classical concerts.

Freaky Inks - An American television show that aired on the Fox Network in the early 2000s about tattoos that combine elements of horror, mystery and comedy.

- A personal tourist guide talks his victims into deep despair... in Russian.

Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.
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