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Re: Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP a

Looking back on this thread from the perspective of having read Brinkmanship and the Cold Equations trilogy, I think that my OP regarding the Typhon Pact novels being an "arc" (or multi novel narrative) is even more valid now

As I see it, the major post-Destiny Trilogy TrekLit "arcs" go as follows:
  1. Rise of the Typhon Pact and its "Cold War" with the UFP this arc begins with A Singular Destiny and Losing The Peace, both showing the overall astro-political land(star)scape in the aftermath of Destiny, while revealing the TP powers bit by bit. The narrative jumps a bit in time to the "main" TP novels from Zero Sum Game to DRG3's DS9 duology covering the battle for Slipstream, with "side stories" like the Romulan political angle, the inner workings of the various Pact members etc. Brinkmanship brings a nice "post-arc" tale, starring the Aventine (which starred in both ASD in the first branded TP novel - ZSG). In my OP I had originally included Indistinguishable from Magic in this arc, but it seems to have been mostly ignored by later TNG novels.
  2. Voyager's return to the Delta Quadrant and Project Full Circle this arc is chronicled in Kirsten Beyer's 4 VOY novels to date, seemingly reaching a sort-of conclusion for the "first part of the Re-Relaunch".
  3. Titan's (mostly serial) adventures as chronicled in Over a Torrent Sea, Synthesis, the Typhon Pact-branded Seize the Fire and Fallen Gods.
  4. The Cold Equations trilogy encompassing major events in the lives of the TNG cast, this trilogy basically follows the above-mentioned "Typhon Pact arc", also featuring the next developments in the TP and the "next" struggle with the UFP, now involving Android, AI's etc.
  5. The Fall I believe that this will be the "third arc" featuring the TP and its fall (IMO the title of this series concerns the Pact, though it's just conjecture at this point..).

Your thoughts / comments are, as always, very much appreciated
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