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a friend in LA needs help

note to mods: I am not sure if this is the right place for this but it's an emergency of sorts. If you feel you must shift or close it, please contact me.

A RL-friend of mine lives in Los Angeles and his landlord has raised his rent for the second time in 3 months by $100 each. It's rather an outrage! My friend can't afford that in the long run. He does have a small income but is currently unemployed (he's a sound engineer / postproduction specialist - well, you all know how hard the movie business is. If you happen to have seen Black Scorpion - he worked on that one )

Now I'd like to ask for your help:
Does anyone know a decent and affordable small appartment for rent?
He's looking for a studio or 1 bedroom appartment or a bachelor one if it's not too small.

My friend would be very willing to take a larger appartment and share with a roommate but it must be a friendly person, no smoking/drugs and no partying.

John is slightly walking impaired so a bus stop in the vicinity would be a huge plus.

And if possible the deposit should not exceed 2 rents.

He tried a few agencies already but says some of them appear to be very corrupt and charge outrageous fees. Hence I thought we should maybe try a more personal approach and see if someone here knows someone who knows someone who.. - well, you get the picture

I'm doing my best to help him, but as I am in Germany, 12000 miles away, I'm not much help


John didn't actually say something about a reward but he knows everything about Disneyland, all tricks, eastereggs, shortcuts and little hidden surprises. He also knows all the guides there and could arrange something special. I am certain he'd love to offer his services as a Disneyland tour guide (plus, if you go with him you needn't wait because you too will be allowed to use the wheelchair/disabled access. No queuing! Been there, done that, got tons of photos =) )
Or, if you like to make vidoe clips and audios, he could help you with a few professional tricks.
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