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Re: Before launching a book publishing business...

This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode...
Jerry: "So what kind of job do you think you'd like to do?"
George: "Well, how about a sports commentator, you know the guys on TV who talk about sports all the time. I think I could do that."
Jerry: "OK... what kind of experience do you have in that area?"
George: "I watch a lot of sports so I know a bit about it and you know me, I've always got a clever quip to say."
Jerry: "Yeah, but, you know they usually give those jobs to retired professional sports players, you know--the guys who have actually been paid to play the games."
George: "Oh yeah... Dammit."

If you don't have any working experience in the publishing industry, starting your own firm is going to be a major uphill battle. Not to mention the fact that it's a dying industry. Traditional book publication is being reamed by electronic publishing. And believe me, you can't compete with the likes of Amazon. Now, if you might be interested in becoming an editor, someone who takes a rough draft of a book and proof reads it for content, mistakes, etc, that's something that is always needed.
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