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Re: Remove One Letter

No love for this game?

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Oldfinger: The third film featuring post-retiree James Bond. A geriatric businessman smuggles pills and false teeth, and plans to contaminate Walmart to increase the value of his own pill supply. Can Bond stop his diabolical scheme?
The Spy Who Came in from the Old - An exposÚ on the retirement industry featuring the voice of Sean Connery.
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Jurassic Ark: A bunch of dinosaurs try to survive the coming meteor by building a massive ship.
South Ark - Australian teen-SciFi-drama series about life aboard a great big space-ark.
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The Amazing Spider Ma

Peter Parker's mother comes back from the dead and gets bitten by a spider.
Last Ma on Earth - [ActionFlickTrailerVoice]

In her world...
...all of humanity has become walking dead cyber-gadget-zombies...

She was there when it started...


She will finish it!...

Watch... The epic tale of one mother standing up for all that is human╣.

The Omega Ma - Seventies original of Last Ma on Earth▓.

Ma Max - SyFy pilot mini-series inspired by the Ma films. Although funny and well executed it was a commercial failure and the planned first season never made│.
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201 /.../ 200
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The Number 2 - Prequel to the Sesame Street blockbuster The Number 3.

╣ - Fourteen! (yes, I counted them, see below) hilarious instances of the popular catchphrase: "No phones at the dinner table."
▓ - Eleven different phrases were said the eighteen times the TV or Hi-Fi were switched off -including the one dramatic time it was done in silence.
│ - You may be able to find parts of three episodes and a lot of test footage on-line - if you know where look.

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