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Re: Billingsley: Enterprise Gray Areas

^Ha, I thought so!

I actually would've loved to see that story continue for another episode or two as the matter was openly debated on Earth. Would have been an excellent opportunity to see how much cultural influence the Catholic Church and other religious groups might still have by that time, and how they fit into society's fabric. And, more than just hinting at the Prime Directive, the scenario could easily have been its actual cause.

... I understand that some people don't agree with Archer's decision, and that's fine. But I've noticed a pattern over the years of some of those dissenters making sweeping claims about the situation that simply aren't found in canonical knowledge, and that's just not helpful in terms of discussion. (Heck, for all we know, Starfleet Command overruled Archer, and sent a cure along on the NX-03. )
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