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Re: Does It Get Better???

Repression: Interesting premise, but poor execution. What was the Bajoran mind control dude trying to accomplish? Maybe I missed something, but it was never very clear to me. And how did he transmit his message to Tuvok through Starfleet? You'd think Starfleet security would have caught that. And how was he able to communicate with Tuvok from 35,000 light years (?) away? The prophets? I don't quite understand that either. Too many questions, and not enough answers. I did like the dark atmosphere and the mystery of this episode, but at a certain point it was pretty obvious that Tuvok was the culprit. It was also nice to see some Starfleet/Maquis conflict again, even if mind control was the entire reason for it.
4 or 5/ 10, trying to decide still.

EDIT: Since Melakon suggested I announce the episodes prior to my reviews, Critical Care is next!
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