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Re: Dilithium Crystals and Nuclear Fusion - A Star Trek Reunion Story?

@ Albertese

Just make sure to know that most Germans do not wear traditional Bavarian clothing (short leather pants) which is limited to the federal state of Bavaria.

Bavaria is also the name of a film production company (south of Munich) which made "Das Boot" (the WW II submarine film) and - at the very same time as TOS - an ambitioned, very trekish science fiction television series called "Space Patrol". The patrol cruiser Orion was saucer-shaped and also used a kind of warp drive (too bad it had never been translated to English).

@ blssdwlf

I can't help but feel that the dialogue in "Mudd's Women" is somewhat inconclusive.

During Kirk's presence, Scotty says he can't "rig a bypass unit" because they "blew the whole converter assembly".

(impressive continuity here: In "Elaan of Troyius" Scotty reports "The entire dilithium crystal converter assembly is fused. No chance of repair.")

A few moments later Kirk orders "switch to bypass circuits". Scotty could have told Kirk that he just told him why that's not possible and goes for another explanation: We burned all (bypass circuits) out when we super-heated.

It's like "we can't use bypass circuits because we blew the whole (one?) dilithium crystal converter assembly and those bypass circuits we had are useless anyway because we already used them up when we super-heated."

Earlier, Delta-Vega was two light days away (it takes the speed of light / c two days to travel there), after they burned out the last crystal and had to rely entirely on battery power, they had already advanced to cut their traveling time (on sublight) down to 14 hours.

This suggests they had warp drive energy provided with the help of the last crystal until this one failed, too.

Could it be that "bypass circuits" are units that draw energy from the m-am plasma stream to feed other systems like the deflector shields? After all, it would appear it was the stress of using both the deflector shields and the transporter system that "super-heated" these circuits.


P.S. " And then add on each fan's personal vision of how things work and you've got a recipe for herding cats"
But then on-screen information is "canon" making "personal vision" rather irrelevant (i.e. if you believe canon comes first, something I insist upon).
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