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Marriage is a promise between two people. Not a promise between two people and the whole world.
Actually, it's both. Which is why marriage ceremonies have witnesses and guests.
The way marriage is treated in society is appalling. I have zero problem with any set group of grown adults who want to go through a ceremony, be it a big Catholic wedding or throwing rice over one's head and doing the Hokey Pokey, Londo-style, and say "Now, we've changed our titles; we're married." Good for them; hope they're happy.

My problem with it comes when it's not just between two people, but the government and other parties have to stick their noses in. Things like being treated differently on your taxes, insurance, hospital visiting rights, etc. are extremely disturbing to me. It's the government giving privileges to people making a romantic decision, which should be as far from the government's priorities as possible. If DalekJim and I did the Hokey Pokey in front of our Body Double Appreciation Society and then we said, "I'm his Shalamooze and he's my Trykalak; treat us differently on our taxes!" people would laugh us out of the building, but... marriage is more of less the same thing; it's just the silly, superstition-based ceremonies and meaningless titles are older and therefore more culturally accepted.

Terms like "divorce lawyer" are a complete oxymoron. Two people deciding they don't want to be together anymore shouldn't have anything to do with the "law." If we've reached a state where in order for two married people to break up, they have to go through a lawyer to untangle the web of financial insanity from two households becoming one then becoming two again, then that says to me that we need to seriously reconsider how the government approaches the subject and cut this Gordian knot by just letting two married people handle their lives for themselves and remove this godawful spectator show by telling everyone, government and gawking public alike, to fuck off.
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