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Re: FAULTY - the two worst TOS remastering mistakes

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Looks like you provided one clue why some or many of us feel the CGI of TOS-R look crappy.
Oh, I can think of many others. For example, I recall one shot of the Enterprise in orbit where the camera pans to follow the ship as it passes. In any other context, that would be an interesting, dynamic shot. However, the production design of TOS did not feature lots of camera movement, even with live-action. (Some movies keep the "action" going even in slow scenes by flying around with a Steadicam, or worse yet, the, closely related to the ShakyCam™.) Thus, many of the new shots simply do not match the design philosophy of the rest of the production. So they contrast, rather than complement.

Sometimes a dynamic shot, like the orbit shot I just described, when shoe-horned into the same space, the same duration, as the original shot, ends up looking rushed. Too fast. I felt that many such decisions compromised the "scale" of the nuFX in "The Doomsday Machine." The Enterprise "surfed" around like an X-wing fighter, which made it look like a toy. The flame-like licks of the DM's beam also killed the scale. The straight-edged flash of the original was like a piston-punch or a lightning strike. The audience could feel it.

One other toy-like shot that comes to mind is the Enterprise sling-shotting around the Sun in "Tomorrow Is Yesterday." The curvature of the Sun was too tight, thus making it look smaller, rather than far away. Now imagine if something like the Leonov aerobraking from 2010 had been done instead.

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