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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Skywalker is hardly silly.
Maybe not to you, having grown up with it. Granted, I was only nine when Star Wars came out in '77, but I still found "Skywalker" to be kind of a goofy character name.

If you go back and watch the original film with an objective eye, it's clearly intended to be as much a playful deconstruction of the adventure-serial genre as an affectionate homage to it. It doesn't take itself very seriously. Luke and Han are bumbling their way through the rescue of the princess, the princess ends up taking over the rescue herself -- the whole reason it works is because it doesn't play these hoary old action tropes straight but makes them fresh by having more naturalistic, fallible characters stumbling through the whole thing and subverting cliches at every turn. The problem with modern SW is that it's lost sight of that original spirit of being the outsider subverting the genre -- much like Luke single-handedly tearing down the megalithic symbol of the authoritarian regime -- and has itself become the institution against which all others are measured. Both Lucas and his fans have come to take the whole thing too seriously, and forgotten what a light-hearted romp and affectionate parody it was originally meant to be.

"Grievous" and "Plagueis" is stupid, I give you that. Still, Savage Opress has a much more "trashier" ring to it, but I'm aware that this is subjective.
Don't get me wrong, I do think "Savage Oppress" is one of the weaker character names they've come up with. I just don't have very high expectations of SW in general, and I think it can be best appreciated without high expectations.

Sam Witwer being awesome has nothing to do with Maul's resurrection feeling contrived and unnecessary. Lucas made the whole fuss about making sure he was DEFINITELY done for.
Welcome to genre fiction. Many characters, going as far back as Sherlock Holmes, have been resurrected after authors tried to make sure they were "DEFINITELY done for." Heck, the first Dark Horse Comics miniseries back in 1991 resurrected Palpatine after what was clearly meant to be a conclusive demise in ROTJ.

Aw God, now you're just summoning Gaith.
I don't know what that means.
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