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Re: FAULTY - the two worst TOS remastering mistakes

The lack of detail in the first shot is simply a poor telecine transfer coupled with overuse of the digital noise reduction (DNR) that tends to make things muddy and washed out... if scanned properly with a film scanner like the Northlight (rather than a telecine like the Spirit 2k), it would look much better. The main issue with older film is the detail is present, but it is obscured by film grain on the surface. You must do an emulsion level transfer to extract the detail while keeping film grain under control.

Also, there were no gridlines on the model -- only penciled-in lines. The nacelles are wrong also in the CGI. The lights do not blink properly and the colors are wrong-- and they haven't simulated the mirror shards that are the key to proper nacelle lighting, IMHO.
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