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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Compared to what?
Compared to all these you mentioned. Skywalker is hardly silly. We have "sillier" (mind the quotation marks) names than that IRL. There's a table tennis superstar in China named Ma Long, which literally translates to "Horse Dragon". See my point?

"Grievous" and "Plagueis" is stupid, I give you that. Still, Savage Opress has a much more "trashier" ring to it, but I'm aware that this is subjective.

Christopher wrote: View Post
It's always been intended to be cartoony, fanciful, and corny, in the vein of its inspirations.
Sure it was, but there's a fine line between corny and trash, and Star Wars always managed to stay on the right side.

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I suspect the purpose to using Maul was the same as the purpose to using Boba Fett -- because the character became inexplicably popular with fandom despite being so minor a character in the actual films. And he's certainly been far more impressive a character here than he ever was in the movie, thanks to Sam Witwer's superb vocal performance.
Sam Witwer being awesome has nothing to do with Maul's resurrection feeling contrived and unnecessary. Lucas made the whole fuss about making sure he was DEFINITELY done for.

That being said, I hope Boba stays dead in Episode VII.

And I think TPM did a great job at setting up Maul, but killing him off was a mistake. He should have been one of the main villains of the prequel trilogy, together with Palpatine and Dooku, who should have been introduced in Episode 1.

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The canon gave us romantic dialogue about sand getting in your boots, and a supposed heroine who died of a broken heart or something.
Aw God, now you're just summoning Gaith.
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