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Re: This Year's Model: ALBUM COVERS!

I have no skillz with photoshop or any other picture manipulating programs so this is going to have to be text only:

Hackerence - "A Rough Lump Of Marble"

Meaning Wild
Precise Opening
Just Expression
Hearing Complexity
Resulting River
Harmful Stable
Secure Greatest
Displayed Port
Growing Behalf
Safe Hardware
Grave Broadcasting
Forgotten Conference
Stopping Gasoline
Reverse Subset

(quite a diversity of sonic tapestries on this album. From the country/metal fusion of "Harmful Stable" to the environmental activism of "Stopping Gasoline", to the Rammstein-influenced calypso of "Grave Broadcasting," there's something in there for everyone. Although "Safe Hardware" did make the band subject to accusations of selling out for a commercial jingle.)
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