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Re: FAULTY - the two worst TOS remastering mistakes

@ Melakon

You don't mean the one-time only bow shot from "Metamorphosis"? Trekplace has Tallguy's great visual compilation of all Enterprise VFX shots from TOS.

@ BeatleJWOL

I don't understand. TOS in its most possible original remastering is available on Blu-ray (together with the TOS-R version). I was under the impression we are talking about a different TOS-R version that makes optimal use of original elements for enhancement.

@ Metryp

Looks like you provided one clue why some or many of us feel the CGI of TOS-R look crappy.

There were no glossy spaceship surfaces in blue-screen VFX before the advent of CGI because blue reflections on such surfaces would have created holes in the optical results (one of the reasons the Star Wars spaceship miniatures had no glass windows!).

For the generation I belong to, a make-believe spaceship never had glossy surface textures, so one that does - consciously or unconsciously - inevitably looks fake.

I've already stated how I feel about this retcon weathering and paneling (that has also tainted the original VFX model at the Smithsonian) and feel the urge to - do so again:

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