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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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It all started with the introduction of Savage Opress (Jesus, what a retarded name)
Compared to what? This is a franchise that names its flyboy hero "Skywalker" (after almost calling him "Starkiller"), its rebellious loner "Solo," and its villains "Vader" and "Sidious" and "Maul" and "Plagueis." Silly character names have always been part of the franchise by design. I think many SW fans forget that the whole franchise was originally intended as a Flash Gordon pastiche and a tribute to the cheesy adventure serials of the 1940s. It's always been intended to be cartoony, fanciful, and corny, in the vein of its inspirations.

in season 3, a completely unnecessary and uninteresting version of Darth Maul on steroids, brought in for a single purpose - shifting focus from Palpatine and Dooku in order to stretch out the show as much as possible.
I suspect the purpose to using Maul was the same as the purpose to using Boba Fett -- because the character became inexplicably popular with fandom despite being so minor a character in the actual films. And he's certainly been far more impressive a character here than he ever was in the movie, thanks to Sam Witwer's superb vocal performance.

This show used to be great, but it definitely doesn't feel like canon any more.
Again, it's not as if the canon is consistently brilliant or plausible or anything. The canon gave us Ewoks and Jar-Jar, and a super-advanced space station with primitive trash compactors and a convenient "shoot here to blow up" exhaust port. The canon gave us romantic dialogue about sand getting in your boots, and a supposed heroine who died of a broken heart or something.
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