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Re: Idea for New Series

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If you want genuine idea-driven science fiction, read books, preferably not Star Trek books.
I do. Though I'm starting the DS9 Relaunch series at the moment.

And no, in ten years, no person in their right mind would ever think about proposing something as absurd as "hey, remember the version of Star Trek that was slightly different than the one we have now and which ultimately failed so miserably that it had to be rebooted? Let's get back to that".
That has nothing to do with continuity though. If somebody made a lens-flared, action-packed Pine Kirk blockbuster set in the Prime universe and made Insurrection II in the JJverse, which one would do better? The general public don't give a shit about continuity. Half of them probably didn't even notice it wasn't a proper prequel.
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