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Re: Idea for New Series

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Yeah, it could work I'd just prefer to know what I'm watching takes place in the proper Star Trek universe. A TV series set in the NuTrek timeline could work just as well if they just took the older, more science-fiction driven approach instead of the more hack-ish Orci and Kurtzman take on it. Which I know some people on here prefer and that's fine but I'm a science-fiction fan and want Trek to be ideas driven.
Ultimately, it's meaningless. Trek has always been a mix of different things, and that's what made it successful. If you want genuine idea-driven science fiction, read books, preferably not Star Trek books.

Well, I'm being an optimist. There are millions and millions of fans of old and young ages (I'm only in my early 20s!) that cherish the old continuity. It's possible that one day, some of these people will be put in charge of the franchise instead of people like JJ Abrams.
Very few people actually care about the old continuity all that much. Most Star Trek fans just enjoy Star Trek. I don't see "millions and millions of people" campaigning to get back to the Neelixverse. And no, in ten years, no person in their right mind would ever think about proposing something as absurd as "hey, remember the version of Star Trek that was slightly different than the one we have now and which ultimately failed so miserably that it had to be rebooted? Let's get back to that".
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